Even CNN admitted Nancy Pelosi Messed up after eSalon Visit


(BREAKING WIDE) – Even CNN admitted Nancy Pelosi Messed up after eSalon Visit.

Earlier, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was caught on footage to have violated the San Francisco ban. Pelosi claimed she was setup by the  eSalon owner Erica Kious but Kious appearing on Tucker Carlson refuted that claim.

Speaker Pelosi faces massive backlash from President Trump and many others over her actions. Erica Kious, the eSalon owner says many Pelosi supporters are threatening to kill her and she’s relocating.

On CNN while discussing her controversial salon visit, Lemon concludes Pelosi should have admitted she messed up, rather than try to deflect blame. Lemon says “Take this, the House Speaker Nancy Pelosi says that she was set up after she was seen not wearing a face mask at a San Francisco hair salon.” said Lemon.


He shows the video and continues “as she walks from one room to another, not wearing a mask and having haircuts indoors against the rules there.” Lemon shows video of Pelosi saying she “takes responsibility for trusting the word of the neighborhood salon” and saying she’s been set-up.”

“So the Speaker of the House is blaming the salon after she didn’t wear a mask indoors”

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“Regardless, this far into the pandemic, the House Speaker should know what is safe and what isn’t. We should all know. It’s our responsibility. Instead of claiming a set-up, it would have been just as easy for the Speaker to say, ‘You know what, I messed up. I should have worn a mask indoors.’”


Christine Pelosi, the House Speaker’s daughter  defends mummy dearest by tweeting a letter using the hashtag “#setup” from the attorney of the stylist in the Salon that serviced Nancy Pelosi.


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