Eric Holder Cover-up Failed After Been Caught Trying To Sabotage Trump 


Eric Holder Cover-up Failed After Been Caught Trying To Sabotage Trump,  Eric Holder just disgraced himself again. Holder, like many in the media, have been struck dumb by the IG report that lays bare their complicity or incompetence.

Now The IG report shows a systemic failure and corruption at the very top of our government and it begs credulity to say Obama and his top people did not know about what Comey and the FBI were doping to sabotage Donald Trump.

Also, Holder was the first U.S. Attorney General in history to be held in both criminal and civil contempt. He was held, by a bipartisan vote, in contempt by the House of Representatives in a 255–67 vote, with 17 Democrats voting for the measure, 2 Republicans voting against the measure for the Fast and Furious scandal.

Now the IG report makes clear that elements of the Obama administration tried to sabotage Trump from day one by hanging the Russian albatross around his neck.


Furthermore  the Obama admin admitted they changed the rules to encourage inter-admin sharing so they could spread the Russia hoax story far and wide.

They knew the more people who had access to it, the more likely it would leak. And they were right. So it is shocking he would write in the Washington Post that Bil Barr was “unfit” to be AG. Holder wrote Barr issued “a series of public statements and actions that are so plainly ideological, so nakedly partisan and so deeply inappropriate.”

As we speak “It was infuriating to watch him publicly undermine an independent inspector general report  based on an exhaustive review of the FBI’s conduct using partisan talking points bearing no resemblance to the facts his own department has uncovered.”

Also “To me, his attempts to vilify the President’s critics sounded more like the tactics of an unscrupulous criminal defense lawyer than a U.S. attorney general,” Holder wrote.


As well He added BillnBarr “exposed himself as a partisan actor, not an impartial law enforcement official.” “Virtually since the moment he took office, though, Barr’s words and actions have been fundamentally inconsistent with his duty to the Constitution,” Holder wrote.

Now “Which is why I now fear that his conduct  running political interference for an increasingly lawless president  will wreak lasting damage.”

Eric Holder also trashed Barr for saying people should “respect and support” law enforcement or they risk finding “themselves without the police protection they need.”

Finally “It is antithetical to the most basic tenets of equality and justice, and it undermines the need for understanding between law enforcement and certain communities and flies in the face of everything the Justice Department stands for.”


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Eric Holder Cover-up Failed After Been Caught Trying To Sabotage Trump.

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