Dianne Feinstein Caught on Camera Violating the Golden Rule


(BREAKING WIDE) – Dianne Feinstein Caught on Camera Violating the Golden Rule.

The level of Dem hypocrisy is alarming, after calling for nationwide mask mandate, Dianne Feinstein violated her number one golden rule after she was caught on camera without wearing a mask at the airport.

Reacting to this show of shame, Fox News host Tucker Carlson blast Dianne Feinstein in a spectacular fashion. Carlson explained “In the photographs, Feinstein can be seen smiling without a mask on. One might even say she’s sowing confusion about whether or not masks are necessary.” “A pilot with a mask is walking in front of her carrying a bag and a dog.”

But in June, Feinstein called for a nationwide mask mandate for airlines and public transit.


“I write to urge you to implement a mandatory mask policy for all airport and airline employees and passengers as cases of coronavirus continue to surge. I ask that you issue guidance as soon as possible so passengers can have a clear understanding of the requirements and so that we may reduce exposure for workers and travelers alike,” wrote Feinstein in her letter to the FAA. “While some transit agencies and airlines have implemented mandatory mask guidance for the public, reports indicate that the patchwork of rules have only sowed confusion among passengers. Therefore, I ask that you issue clear, nationwide, mandatory mask requirements for all aviation employees and travelers.”

A while back, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was also caught on camera entering eSalon without wearing a mask which appeared to be a violation of San Francisco ban.

Appearing on Tucker Carlson, Erica Kious, the eSalon owner who Pelosi said set her up refuted the claim in an emotional segment. Kious also points that she faces death threats from the House Speaker’s supporters.


Apparently the law does not apply to Nancy Pelosi and Dianne Feinstein.

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