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Democrats To Draft 2 Articles Of Impeachment Against Trump Tomorrow 

Democrats To Draft 2 Articles Of Impeachment Against Trump Tomorrow 

Democrats To Draft 2 Articles Of Impeachment Against Trump Tomorrow,

Now Democrats are expected to Draft two Articles of Impeachment Against Trump, one on abuse of power, the other on obstruction of Congress.

According to Report From Wapo Democrats are expected to unveil two articles of impeachment against President Donald trump on Tuesday that will focus on abuse of power and obstructing Congress, and would be voted on by the full House next week, according to three officials familiar with the matter.

Also House Speaker Nancy Pelosi met with Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler and other committee chairmen Monday night after a nine-hour hearing in which a Democratic counsel laid out the party’s case against Trump.

The three officials, speaking on the condition of anonymity to discuss the private talks, cautioned that the plan had not been finalized.


Now Leaving a meeting with Pelosi, House Foreign Affairs Committee Chairman Eliot L. Engel told reporters that he and the chairmen of other House committees would announce specific articles at a news conference at 9 a.m. Tuesday.

Also At an event hosted by the Wall Street Journal on Monday night, Pelosi said no final decision had been made.

Now “You think I’m going to tell you the articles of impeachment?” she said when asked about the matter.

“We’re in a place where our members, our leadership of our committees of jurisdiction have now gotten the last input” about the conduct at issue, she added.


“They’ll make a determination, a recommendation as to how we will go forward and what the articles will be.”

Under the current plan, the Judiciary Committee would vote on the articles Thursday, according to two people familiar with the matter, setting up a floor vote next week.

Furthermore Democrats laid the groundwork for the charges Monday, lambasting Trump as a danger to the country during a contentious Judiciary panel hearing that foreshadowed a likely party-line vote on the articles.

Now Describing  Donald Trump as a “continuing risk to the country,” Nadler forcefully accused the president of using his office to pressure Ukraine to launch political investigations and then trying to block Congress from investigating him.


Finally “President Trump put himself before country,” he said. “The president welcomed foreign interference in our election in 2016, he demanded it in 2020, and then he got caught.”

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Democrats To Draft 2 Articles Of Impeachment Against Trump Tomorrow.

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