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Congresswoman Ilhan Omar Finally BUSTED

Congresswoman Ilhan Omar finally busted

(BREAKING WIDE) – Congresswoman Ilhan Omar finally busted as federal records reveal the Minnesota congresswoman’s husband got  $634,900 in coronavirus relief money for his political consulting firm on top of the millions that the company received from her election campaign.

According to the E Street Group, $134,900 PPP funding, $500,000 Disaster loans making a  total of $634,000 was funneled to Ilhan Omar’s husband.

Fox News Charles Payne saysthe big knock against  the whole PPP program was that you know, 1% of the recipients got 25% of the money and often they were very well-connected, very rich people or it organizations and there’s no doubt that’s true.”

“There was a sort of sense of urgency though, they get the money out hoping that if there were flaws at least it would help the most under you know, the ones who are in the most dire need of the cash and a lot of it did you know, they’re going to have another chance to do again.”


“And probably more be more tailored to more specific but this just kind of speaks to sort of these insiders who have the ability to to take advantage of these sort of things all the time. And then of course, this particular group of people, Its so bad in the sense that they’re always knocking everything right? They knocking everything that President Trump did, they always knock America, they always talk about how unfair everything here is and here they are feeding at the trop when other people really needed this money more desperately because they knew how to get it,” Charles said.

Congresswoman Ilhan Omar Finally BUSTED

Candace Owens blasted Rep.Ilhan Omar and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez calling them liars over their petty politics.

Owens says “Ilhan Omar’s husband received $635,000 in Covid-19 bailout money. She also paid him 2.25 million dollars this year. Remember this the next time @AOC or @IlhanMN rail against corporations, pretending to represent the poor. They are all liars, getting rich while you suffer,” she tweeted.


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