Conductores, Caracas At United Nations World Food Program ( WFP )

Closing date: Monday, May 29, 2023

The WFP seeks candidates of the highest integrity and professionalism who share our humanitarian principles. Personnel selection is done on a competitive basis and we are committed to promoting diversity and gender balance


The United Nations World Food Program is the largest humanitarian aid agency in the world. As the United Nations agency at the forefront of the fight against hunger, at WFP we constantly respond to emergencies. We save lives by bringing food against the clock to vulnerable and food-needed people. To save lives and protect livelihoods, WFP helps nations create food and nutrition safety nets, that ensure the most vulnerable groups, especially children, access to adequate food at the right time.


Training: End of the secondary education cycle. Official training as a driver and valid license or certificate to drive the assigned vehicle applying local rules and regulations


  •  Have a 3rd degree license with at least two years of work experience as a driver, preferably in an international organization, an embassy or the United Nations system, with a proven safety driving history.
  •  Experience driving various makes and models of vehicles, including trucks, trucks, and other types of motor vehicles. Defensive driving experience will be valued.

Additional requirements:

  •  Have a grade 4 license for the handling of armored vehicles.

Knowledge and skills:

  •  Knowledge of the driving rules and regulations, the protocol and the courtesy treatment of a driver, the local roads and waterways and their state, and security related issues.
  •  Knowledge of the load capacity and other parameters of the vehicle.
  •  Knowledge of the rules and regulations for driving vehicles / boats, as appropriate.
  •  Knowledge of standards and safety equipment ( p. eg fire extinguishers, floating portable safety devices, etc. ).
  •  Ability to read and interpret documents such as safety standards, operating and maintenance instructions, and procedure manuals.
  •  Basic skills to provide emergency assistance, knowledge of basic first aid methods.
  •  Knowledge of and ability to use radio, email, telephone, and other devices.
  •  Ability to assess the mechanical suitability of a vehicle and technical knowledge to carry out small repairs.
  •  Ability to apply a customer-oriented approach, high sense of responsibility, courtesy and tact.

Languages ​​: Fluency (level C) of the official United Nations language used at the duty station and the language spoken at the duty station, if different.


These posts are to be filled in regional bureaux, country offices, area offices and field offices. The holders of the position report to the Administration Officer, the Logistics Officer or the person designated for that purpose, and drive light vehicles, trucks, vans, motorcycles or any other type of land transportation. They can also be assigned to drive speedboats or other types of boats. The job may involve providing basic administrative support in the office or warehouse.


Provide transportation services for authorized personnel and/or merchandise efficiently and safely.


  •  Provide authorized personnel transportation services, including translation of simple conversations to and from the local language, and / or deliver and remove miscellaneous items / products, following the authorized itinerary and respecting the United Nations security rules and regulations to guarantee a safe and efficient service.
  •  Receive official staff and visitors at the airport or other arrival points, and provide basic assistance with visa processing and customs formalities, to facilitate arrival and entry to the authorized destination without setbacks and in safe conditions.
  •  Ocuparse de mantener cuidadosamente el registro del vehículo y de informar diariamente a su supervisor sobre las condiciones mecánicas del mismo, para garantizar un uso del vehículo y un consumo de combustible eficientes, contribuyendo a una contabilización precisa y a la eficiencia en función de los costos.
  •  Encargarse de mantener el vehículo asignado y todo el equipo conexo limpios y en buen estado, de llevar a cabo las tareas de mantenimiento puntualmente, de que el vehículo vaya completamente equipado con las autorizaciones de viaje y los suministros necesarios y de que cualquier problema mecánico se comunique al supervisor para garantizar un servicio seguro y eficiente.
  •  Seguir las normas y reglamentos establecidos para las entregas sobre el terreno y/o en caso de accidente, y dar parte inmediatamente al supervisor de cualquier problema manifiesto, para solicitar instrucciones y facilitar la toma de decisiones informadas sobre cómo proceder.
  •  Aparte de la labor como conductor, realizar tareas básicas relacionadas con la oficina, como archivar, fotocopiar y mantener en orden los almacenes según corresponda, incluida la entrega o retirada de artículos diversos, el servicio de correos y el pago del recibo del teléfono y otras facturas de la oficina, para proporcionar apoyo administrativo a los clientes.


Liderar con el ejemplo y con integridad

Defender los valores y principios de WFP:

Demonstrar los valores y principios de WFP.

Respetar a los demás y valorar la diversidad:

Valorar la diversidad mediante el uso de un lenguaje diverso e inclusivo.

Mantener la concentración y la calma bajo presión:

Mantener la concentración y la calma bajo presión.

Demostrar humildad y voluntad de aprendizaje:

Mostrar humildad, voluntad de aprender y compartir conocimientos; solicitar la opinión de los demás y actuar en consecuencia; y aprovechar oportunidades de desarrollo.

Generación de resultados y cumplimiento de compromisos

Generar resultados de máximo impacto: Hacerse responsable de las consecuencias de resultados.

Delegar tareas de forma apropiada: Solicitar orientación y ayuda cuando sea necesario.

Adaptarse fácilmente al cambio: Adaptarse fácilmente a los cambios y ajustar el trabajo según las necesidades,

Fomentar el trabajo en equipo inclusivo y colaborativo

Practicar la inclusión y colaboración: Fomentar el trabajo en equipo, compartir ideas y plantear problemas abiertamente.

Aportar críticas constructivas y oportunas: Aportar críticas constructivas y oportunas a los demás.

Construir y compartir nuevas perspectivas: Prestar atención a los demás y compartir puntos de vista.

Uso de pensamiento estratégico

Comunicar y cumplir la visión del WFP: Adoptar la visión del WFP y el impacto que esta tiene sobre su propio cargo.

Alentar la curiosidad y los nuevos métodos de trabajo: Mostrar curiosidad y adoptar nuevos métodos de trabajo cuando sea pertinente.

Analizar y evaluar los datos: Recopilar datos y compartir conocimientos para guiar las actividades del equipo.

Consider the consequences of any decision:  Ask questions to understand the impact of decisions on your goals.

Establishing and maintaining sustainable partnerships

Establishment of associations:

Behave professionally with external partners.

Collaborate to achieve common goals:

Work with partners to achieve common goals.


TITLE : Drivers  TYPE OF CONTRACT : Service Contract – SC2  UNIT / DIVISION : Administration  SERVICE STATION  (MDS, Venezuela): Yaracuy, Coro, Trujillo, Barinas, El Consejo, Maturín, Caracas. DURATION : 6 months, with the possibility of extension

Only shortlisted qualified candidates will receive a notification

This vacancy is available only to citizens and/or residents of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela with a permanent work permit.

The individuals whose services are contracted under the SC (“SC Holders”) are not WFP staff members and their terms of employment are not governed by the FAO Staff Regulations and Rules. This contract does not carry any expectation of extension or renewal.


Until 29.05.2023

Qualified female candidates are especially invited to apply

The WFP does not tolerate discrimination and does not discriminate on the basis of race, sex, color, ethnic group, age, sexual orientation, other affiliation, or HIV/AIDS status.

No type of contract will be offered to the members of the United Nations Advisory Committee on Administrative and Budgetary Questions (ACABC), the International Civil Service Commission (ICSC), the Finance Committee of the FAO, the External Auditor of the WFP , the WFP Audit Committee, the Joint Inspection Unit (JIU) or other similar bodies within the United Nations system with oversight responsibilities over the WFP, both during their service and within three years after their termination

WFP will not request any payment during any stage of the contracting process, including the offer stage. Any request for payment must be rejected and reported to local law enforcement authorities for appropriate action.