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CNN Siding With China Just Because They Hate Trump

CNN Siding With China Just Because They Hate Trump.

CNN Siding With China Just Because They Hate Trump. Fox News host Tucker Carlson was utterly stunned by a CNN segment he showed attacking Trump and singing China’s praises.

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According to mark Hemingway, What’s particularly obnoxious about the press’s desire to force this debate is that it falls right in line with the Chinese government’s propaganda campaign.

Earlier this week, China booted several members of the Western media out of the country for the sin of reporting on the extent of China’s outbreak and the Chinese government’s culpability in covering it up. This was in addition to the Chinese government’s decision in February to expel three Wall Street Journal reporters who were covering the coronavirus.


According to a foreign ministry spokesman, last month’s expulsions occurred because “the Chinese people do not welcome those media that speak racially discriminatory language and maliciously slander and attack China.” The Chinese government was claiming to be offended by a Journal opinion piece that referred to China as “the real sick man of Asia.”

A government that runs a thriving market in selling the organs of executed political prisoners is in no position to hide behind political correctness – but if we’ve learned anything in the last few decades, it’s never underestimate the American media’s willingness to run interference for China.

Last July, The New York Times ran an article headlined “A New Red Scare Is Reshaping Washington” that stopped just short of mocking those in Trump’s orbit who shared the president’s suspicions about China. “Once dismissed as xenophobes and fringe elements, the group’s members are finding their views increasingly embraced in President Trump’s Washington, where skepticism and mistrust of China have taken hold,” reported the Times.

How are these “xenophobes” and “fringe elements” looking now that the Times is reporting that China is hoarding the global supply of anti-viral masks, and that in order to do this, they are effectively nationalizing the facilities of American companies such as 3M?

For decades now, the media has played an outsize role in furthering an elite consensus that Communist China was harmless, so long as it supplied America with cheap goods.


Columnists have long spread the myth that a country where the vast majority of the population is so impoverished they do things like save their excrement to use as fertilizer for fear of starving, is somehow besting the U.S. at challenges such as infrastructure and addressing global warming.

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CNN Siding With China Just Because They Hate Trump



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