Christine Pelosi Defends Mummy Dearest in SF Salon Saga


(BREAKING WIDE) – Christine Pelosi Defends Mummy Dearest in SF Salon Saga.

Earlier, San Francisco salon owner Erica Kious refuted the claim that she set House Speaker Nancy Pelosi up. Pelosi sparks massive backlash when footage of her shows violation of san Francisco ban.

Christine Pelosi, the daughter of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has taken to Twitter to defend mummy dearest’s “set up claim.”

Christine first shared a tweet from Hank Plante who wrote: “Actually, the story is the salon owner. #Pelosi was told by the salon stylist that it was open Monday (many salons in other parts of Calif. like Palm Springs were allowed to re-open that day). Then the salon’s owner complained to Fox & supplied security-camera footage.


Christine Pelosi then shared a letter using the hashtag “#setup” from the attorney of the stylist in the Salon that serviced Nancy Pelosi.


Christine Pelosi also responded to a editorial from the SF Chronicle on Twitter, writing “A shame folks editorialized without actually sharing from the stylist. #Setup”

The SF Chronicle editorial, written by the Chronicle Editorial Board, states: “The pandemic restrictions are hardly a secret — especially in San Francisco, which has been taking the most conservative approach in the state to reopening. The city’s latest health order allowed haircuts, manicures and waxing sessions only outdoors and only as of Tuesday. Owners and stylists are experiencing a hard financial hit, and residents with unruly manes are deeply frustrated.”

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It also suggests Pelosi apologize. “An apology and an acknowledgment that few if any of her constituents not named Nancy Pelosi would have been invited into the salon in violation of city rules — setup or not — might have helped calm the kerfuffle. Instead, she kept it alive for another news cycle.”


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