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“Chinese Virus? Disgraceful” London Mayor Blast Trump

"Chinese Virus? Disgraceful" London Mayor Blast Trump

“Chinese Virus, Disgraceful” London Mayor Blast Trump. London Mayor Sadiq Khan is the latest to scold President Trump over the use of the term “Chinese virus.”

According to Sadiq Khan:

Covid-19 is Covid-19. It is not a Chinese virus, and to use words like that are disgraceful, and is the sort of language that leads to incitement and hatred towards people of Chinese origin.

We are a city that celebrates our diversity and we think it is a strength, not a weakness, and it’s really important that we don’t follow into the trap of some to use this virus as an excuse to denigrate, demean, and dehumanise people.


And what’s really important is if we see people picked on, discriminated against, because of this virus, we act to stand with  in solidarity — but also the police will continue to have a zero-tolerance approach towards any form of hate crime.

We need a global response to thcis global virus, coming together rather than using this as another excuse to divide communities and divide countries and divide nations and divide ethnicities.

In other reports,  Trump bypass Protocols and orders Chloroquine be use for the Coronavirus Therapy as it seems the vaccine shows a promising result. Read more here

Criminal Charges Filed Against Woman Who Flew From U.S To China For COVID-19 Test


“Chinese Virus, Disgraceful” London Mayor Blast Trump.




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