Candace Owens: COVID-19 could have Killed me today


(BREAKING WIDE) – Candace Owens: COVID-19 could have Killed me today.

Candace Owens tweeted a video of her that she almost died due to doctors refusal to treat patients over government mandates.

“For those of you that don’t know, i am an asthmatic, my asthma i have had pretty severely from the time that i was eight years old i think was my first real asthma attack when my lungs collapsed and I was hospitalized.” “I dont have asthma frequently but when I do have , i have it severely,” she said. 

“And you guys know that am seven months pregnant and for ever reason pregnancy has worsen my allergies.” “48 hours ago I got into one of my asthma attack.” 


Watch Candace Owens narrate her traumatic experiences of how she almost lost her life and equally that of her unborn baby: COVID-19 could have killed me today. Doctors are now actively refusing to treat patients due to government mandates. 


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