Calls to Drop Word “Plantation” Gain Steam Nationwide “Not A Welcoming Name”


Calls to Drop Word “Plantation” Gain Steam Nationwide “Not A Welcoming Name”.

Earlier, Dharyl Auguste appeared on CNN where he discussed his petition to have the city of Plantation, Florida renamed.

“The word “Plantation” automatically takes people to slavery, it’s kind of the shameful and painful part in our nation’s history, i just think at the time the beautiful city was founded, it wasn’t in the book to really have people of color and diversity”.

“I believe this is the right time to change the name because we now kind of live in an era of civil revolution, a kind of social awakening, what inspired me to start this Petition is when I saw Statues and monuments being taken down not only in the US but across the world,” Auguste added.


Calls to Drop Word “Plantation” Gain Steam Nationwide

Gov. Gina Raimondo of Rhode Island said, the word “plantation” refers to a large group of plants or trees in a settlement. But the association with slavery is inescapable. “We can’t ignore the image conjured by the word ‘plantation,” “We can’t ignore how painful that is for Black Rhode Islanders to see that and have to see that as part of their state’s name. It’s demoralizing, a slap in the face. It’s painful.”

Since the George Floyd protests began, neighborhoods and subdivisions across the country have removed the word “plantation” from their names. In June, Rhode Island — known formally as the State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations — announced that it would drop the second half of its official name from state documents and websites.

State lawmakers have introduced legislation that would put a name-change referendum on the ballot in November.


Reaction Over Proposed Name Change

Barbara Pardon, a resident of Plantation for over 33 years said “Plantation” perfect the way it is: I was very upset with this morning’s paper giving credence to a transplanted Bostonian looking for his 15 minutes of fame. First of all, there was nothing racist in the development of Plantation. We are a “Green City” with larger property lots desirable for families, an abundance of parks, sport facilities and are centrally located.

Only a knucklehead from out of town trying to make himself important would infuse negativity. A plantation by definition is a place to grow crops. For those signing his petition, who do you thing is going to pay for changes? You, the taxpayer. Meanwhile, you can count on this knucklehead to move again. These knee-jerk reactions by a very vocal few are ridiculous and should be seen as such, she added.

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