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“Why Women Need The AR-15” See Female Gun owner Shocking Explanation

BREAKING:"Why Women Need The AR-15" See Female Gun owner Shocking Explanation

“Why Women Need The AR-15” See Female Gun owner Shocking Explanation, female gun owners claimed that the AR-15 provides women with unique advantages for home defense Following a recent self-defense shooting in Florida, , there is no need to vigorously condemn the opinions of gun-control advocates who focus on the firearm.

five female firearm owners and advocates said the AR-15 platform offers several features that are ideal for women specifically, Speaking with the Washington Free Beacon on Friday.

According to Robyn M. Sandoval, executive director of A Girl & A Gun Women’s Shooting League, said the rifle is both more effective and safer for female shooters. “ARs are an excellent choice for women for home defense,and thats why women need the Ar-15” Sandoval told the Free Beacon.

“The platform is relatively lightweight and easy to hold and customize so that the firearm fits her body correctly.


Having a rifle that is the right size for the shooter makes it more comfortable to shoot and therefore more accurate and safer.” Several Democratic politicians have long proclaimed the AR-15 to be both dangerous and an impractical or unnecessary weapon for civilians, particularly women, including 2020 frontrunner Joe Biden.

But the Free Beacon’s female firearm owners spoke to counter these pro-gun-control men’s claim.

“Why Women Need The AR-15” See Female Gun owner Shocking Explanation

However “AR-15s are perfect for women,” Mary Chastain, a writer and gun owner, said. “Despite the size, they are lightweight and have hardly any kickback.

This allows us to aim well and shoot the target where we want to.” Dana Loesch, a nationally syndicated radio host and gun-rights activist who has faced threats to her safety throughout her career, said she picks an AR-15 when it comes to home defense.


Also“I was always taught in training that your pistol is what you use to get to your rifle, and the AR-15 is what I choose to use,” Loesch told the Free Beacon. The customizability of the rifle is a big selling point for women, competitive shooter and trainer Julie Golob said.

Furthermore “The AR platform can be a useful and effective option for women when it comes to defending themselves and their property,” she told the Free Beacon.

“Starting with the fact that the length of pull can be adjusted easily, unlike rifles with fixed stocks, the AR can quickly become custom fit to its user. The pistol grip, combined with quick access to the safety and other controls, makes this platform one a woman can confidently control.”

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