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BOOM! Senator Rand Paul Threatens Fauci With Criminal Referral

Rand Paul 'Fauci Got Caught Red Handed Lying Under Oath

BOOM! Senator Rand Paul Threatens Fauci With Criminal Referral.

Well! Is there something you don’t see every day. Rand Paul and  Anthony Fauci are down with a long history of not agreeing on every occasions.

Recently, Anthony Fauci testify before Congress. The Hearing resulted in a contentious exchange between Rand Paul and Dr. Fauci. A Hearing that is just for masks ended up resulting in feud between the Republican and Biden’s top doctor.

During the hearing, the Republican senator called Fauci a liar, that was the beginning and end of everything. Rand Paul  appeared on Fox News in a posting hearing interview, said the researchers working for Fauci are ‘deathly scared‘ of him.

New development arising now shows Rand Paul Threatens Anthony Fauci with criminal referral according to Fox New.


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