Austin Mayor caught red handed in Mexico doing the Unthinkable


(BREAKING WIDE) – Austin Mayor caught red handed in Cabo, Mexico doing the unthinkable after pleading with Americans to observe the Covid-19 safety measures.

The Democrats hypocrisy towards the Covid-19 safety measures is sickening. The ‘rules for thee’ and not for them has become the order of the day. Austin Mayor Steve Adler(D) now apologizing after being caught to have traveled for his daughter’s wedding despite telling people to stay home few weeks ago.

Few weeks ago, Steve Adler said “we need to, you know, stay home if you can, do everything you can to try to keep the numbers down. This is not the time to relax. We may have to close things down if we’re not careful,” he said

Steve was caught in Cabo San Lucas Mexico after flying down on his private jet with eight other people after his daughter got married and it happened to be at a time when Austin was struggling with a spike of new coronavirus infections and hospitalizations.


Austin Mayor caught red handed in Mexico

Now the Austin mayor tenders an apology ” I’m sorry I took that trip. It was a lapse in judgment and i want you to know that i apologize. I want you to know that i regret that travel. I wouldn’t travel now i didn’t over thanksgiving and i won’t over Christmas and no one should,” he said.


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