Assistant to the FAO Representative ( Program ), Abidjan, Ivory Coast At Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations ( FAO )

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In the case of internal FAO candidates, the duration of the appointment will be established according to the policies in force on the extension of commitments.

  •  FAO is committed to ensuring the diversity of its workforce, ensuring balanced representation of men and women as well as different nationalities
  •  People with disabilities are protected from any discrimination whatsoever at all stages of employment, including at the recruitment stage
  •  All applications will be treated with the strictest confidentiality
  •  The incumbent may be reassigned to other activities and / or duty stations according to the needs of the Organization

Organizational framework

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations ( FAO ) supports the transformation of agri-food systems to make them more efficient, more inclusive, more resilient and more sustainable in order to improve production, nutrition, environment and living conditions, without leaving anyone behind.

The main objective of FAO country offices, which are headed by an FAO Representative, is to assist governments in policy development, programs and projects aimed at ensuring food security and reducing hunger and malnutrition, to help develop agriculture, fishing and forestry, and use their environmental and natural resources in a sustainable manner.

The post is located in the FAO Representation in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire.

Hierarchical position

The Assistant to the FAO Representative ( Program ) reports to the Representative of FAO.

Areas of specialization

Program development and monitoring, coordination and operational support taking into account knowledge regarding conditions, culture, language and local institutions in the country of assignment.

Essential results

Effective and efficient coordination and provision of technical and operational support to program and project activities of the Office of the Representative of FAO.

Essential functions

The Assistant to the FAO Representative ( Program ):

  •  Liaises and collaborates with government authorities and local, national and international institutions in the areas of FAO’s work in the country and with other United Nations agencies. He / she may represent FAO at inter-agency meetings if necessary;
  •  Promotes the image of FAO by disseminating information on the Organization’s mandate, programs, priorities, national activities and results, including coordinating the creation and maintenance of communication tools such as websites, press releases and publications and collaborates in the implementation of FAO regulatory frameworks ( Codex Alimentarius, Code of Conduct for Responsible Fisheries, Safe Use of Pesticides, etc.) in the country;
  •  Coordinate the collection, consolidation and management of national data on food and plant production, animal husbandry, forests and fisheries, including information on external assistance in FAO systems and tracks changes in national policies affecting the agricultural sector and / or FAO’s work in the country;
  •  Participate in the preparation of technical documents, economic documents and policy studies as well as in the development of development frameworks at country level, for example the country programming frameworks and the United Nations Development Assistance Framework ( UNDAF );
  •  Participate in the identification, formulation and preparation of program and project proposals; monitors and analyzes the progress of program or project implementation in order to guarantee that all operational activities are carried out in accordance with the work plan and the project document; highlights inconsistencies and delays and, if necessary, proposes corrective measures to overcome operational constraints;
  •  Informs, trains and supervises lower-level staff assigned to the program on all aspects of the work; ensure compliance with the procedures and requirements of the tasks as well as the accuracy and diligence of the work accomplished;
  •  Perform other related tasks as required.


Conditions minimales à remplir

  •  Être ressortissant de la Côte d’Ivoire;
  •  Diplôme universitaire de niveau supérieur en agriculture, économie agricole, sciences forestières, sciences halieutiques, sciences vétérinaires ou dans un domaine en rapport avec les activités de l’Organisation;
  •  Deux ans d’expérience pertinente du développement agricole et/ou de l’exécution de projets dans l’un des domaines d’activité de la FAO dans le pays;
  •  Connaissance courante (Niveau C) du français;
  •  Connaissance courante de la langue locale;
  •  Connaissance moyenne (niveau B) de l’anglais.

Compétences générales

  •  Être axé sur les résultats
  •  Esprit d’équipe
  •  Communiquer
  •  Établir des relations constructives
  •  Partage des connaissances et amélioration continue

Qualifications techniques

  •  Une expérience dans au moins deux lieux d’affectation, en particulier sur le terrain, est souhaitable;
  •  Une expérience en matière de sécurité alimentaire, de changement climatique, ou de la promotion de l’égalité selon le genre, en plus du domaine du développement agricole est nécessaire;
  •  Une maitrise et expérience reconnue dans l’identification, la formulation, la mobilisation des ressources et la gestion de programmes et projets;
  •  Une compréhension approfondie des objectifs et des fonctions du programme technique, des directives opérationnelles et des procédures de gestion des projets et programmes, de préférence celles adoptées par les Nations Unies ou la FAO;
  •  Une expérience avérée en l’analyse des politiques en lien avec la sécurité alimentaire et nutritionnelle, l’agriculture et le développement rural;
  •  Proven experience of collaboration with international organizations and work in an international environment.

Please note that all candidates must adhere to the values of FAO – commitment to the Organization, respect for everyone, integrity and transparency.


  •  The assistants of FAO representative will be offered, for the period or periods that the Organization will fix, a fixed-term contract, the due date of which will be indicated in the letter of appointment or the letter of extension. In any event, the total duration of service may not exceed five years. Appointments, including extensions, are without prejudice to the renewal of the contract or its conversion to another type of appointment. Holders may nevertheless apply for other posts within the Organization.
  •  Civil servants belonging to this category are recruited locally and are paid according to a local salary scale. The salary scales are reviewed periodically on the basis of detailed surveys on the most favorable conditions of employment in force in the locality.
  •  FAO reserves the right to leave the vacancy, to commit to a lower rank or to make a commitment on the basis of a modified job definition.
  • EMPLOYMENT CONDITIONS The Organization offers competitive ( salary and allowances ). For further information on salaries, allowances and other benefits under the United Nations common system, see: FAO promotes a positive work culture that promotes inclusion and diversity among its staff. It applies measures which are such that all staff members contribute fully and on an equal footing to the activities and development of the Organization, in particular:
  •  elements favorable to families
  •  flexible working arrangements
  •  standards of conduct


  •  To apply, please complete the online form you will find on the FAO recruitment portal, Job at FAO. We strongly recommend that you ensure that the form, which constitutes your personal notice, contains accurate and complete information, in particular on your professional experience, training and language skills.
  •  Applicants are asked to attach a cover letter to the online form.
  •  Once the form is completed, complete the procedure and submit your application.
  •  Applications will be first sorted based on the information indicated in the online form.
  •  Please note that FAO only takes into account university titles and diplomas issued by recognized establishments appearing on the list of the International Association of Universities / UNESCO.
  •  Applicants may be asked to provide assessments of their professional behavior and to give permission to verify their present and past jobs, their personal qualities, their training, as well as their criminal record and their military situation, in order to enable the Organization to gather any useful information about them.
  •  Incomplete applications will not be examined.
  •  Only applications received through the FAO recruitment portal will be considered.
  •  Applicants are encouraged to register their application with sufficient time before the deadline.

For any questions or requests for assistance, please contact: