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Adam Schiff’s Obsession With Trump Has Finally Landed Him In Trouble

Adam Schiff's Obsession With Trump Has Finally Landed Him In Trouble

Adam Schiff’s Obsession With Trump Has Finally Landed Him Trouble.The Trump-Hating Democrats are always ready to politicise every situation and try to use it against the President and his administration.

Report from FOX NEWS, “House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff on Friday publicly proposed the establishment of a bipartisan commission, with subpoena power, to investigate the response to the coronavirus pandemic by the Trump administration and other levels of government. Schiff, D-Calif., had floated empaneling a ‘9/11-style commission’ to review the administration’s actions earlier this week, but began circulating a draft of legislation on Friday.”

Schiff Lands In Trouble For Seeking Fresh Investigation On Trump

Adam Schiff’s Obsession With Trump Has Finally Landed Him In Trouble

Adam Schiff’s call for investigation into Trump’s administration didn’t go well with congressman Doug Collins as he rips schiff to shreds.


Doug Collins: “I think there’s going to actually be a look back here that I’m not sure Adam Schiff wants to talk about, and that is China’s role in this.

Collins further went on to say, schiff being the Intelligence Committee chairman, he was so wrapped up in impeachment during when all this hit that I’m not sure there was a slow response on both sides because no one was looking at this.

Adam Schiff was so focused on the president and what he was trying to do in the election that we were missing, basically, China’s role and others.

I’m not sure he would like the outcome of this report any more than he did any of the other reports that he had this past year.”


“Trump has done a good job as he is focused on this. We have all learned from this crisis as it goes on, and the president has been listening to the advisors and moving forward. You know, for him to come back at this point and try to, you know, regain the spotlight from his failed attempts at impeachment, it’s just — it’s sad for the American people, he concluded.

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