Adam Schiff Cowardly Ran Yesterday When Things Began To Heat Up


Adam Schiff Cowardly Ran Yesterday When Things Began To Heat Up,

Now The House Intelligence Committee Chairman Rep. Adam Schiff  failed to show up at the presentation of his own committee’s impeachment report during the impeachment hearing held by the House Judiciary Committee on Monday.

Also “The star witness failed to show up!” Said ranking member Rep. Doug Collins. Schiff’s report was released last Tuesday and it was the only “evidence” to be presented at the impeachment hearing on Monday, however, Schiff was MIA.

Now Rep. Doug Collins said, “Mr. Nunes is here! His staff is here! The leading headline is there: ‘Schiff Report’ — but where’s Mr. Schiff?”


Also Collins reminded the chamber that Special Counsel Robert Mueller testified about his report and that Ken Starr also testified at a hearing regarding his report on the impeachment of former President Bill Clinton.

As we know “Shifty Adam Schiff” has gotten himself into trouble when it was discovered that his staff had contact with the “whistleblower” before he made the complaint to the Inspector General Office and the whistleblower never disclosed that to the Inspector General. Schiff initially lied during an appearance with the press saying that his office didn’t have any contact with the whistleblower and later apologized. 

A bigger bombshell that dropped on Friday was that phone records used as evidence in Schiff’s report were found to be fabricated and incorrect. 

However An investigation by the Wall Street Journal noted that the Office of Management and Budget (OMB)  did not speak with Giuliani and that the White House call logs do not match up with what the Democrats claimed in their impeachment report. 


Adam Schiff claimed that Giuliani had a 12-minute phone call on 8/8/2019 with the OMB, that would have come a week after Giuliani supposedly met with a Ukrainian official. The phone call never happened. 

Futhermore The Wall Street Journal added that “The Intelligence Committee’s report set off media speculation that Mr. Giuliani was coordinating with the budget office about frozen aid to Ukraine, though the report didn’t specifically allege any discussion of aid by the president’s lawyer.”

We now know thanks to the Journal that is not true the phone calls are wrong. Schiff may be big and bad at his hearings but when his evidence falls apart and it’s time to face the music he’s MIA.

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Adam Schiff Cowardly Ran Yesterday When Things Began To Heat Up.

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