Adam Schiff Cowardly Having Cold Feet About Impeachment Vote 


Adam Schiff Cowardly Having Cold Feet About Impeachment Vote, In an absolutely stunning interview Adam Schiff cut off his own knees and said he was not sure he would even vote to impeach president uDonald Trump should we ever get to a vote.

Really? Wow, talk about having the courage of your convictions. Adam Schiff did tell Jake Tapper that he thought Donald Trump as guilty and letting Trump off the hook would set a bad precedent.Adam Schiff Cowardly Having Cold Feet About Impeachment Vote

Now To that, a stunned Tapper almost laughed at the hapless Adam Schiff and said how can you say that and not be in favor of impeaching President Trump.

Also “I want to discuss this with my constituents and colleagues before I make a final judgment on this,” Schiff said to a shocked Tapper.


Speaking “I certainly think that the evidence has been produced overwhelmingly shows serious misconduct from the president,” Schiff said.

“I certainly want to hear more from my constituents and more from my colleagues.”

Now “At the end of the day, this is a decision about whether the Founding Fathers had in mind this kind of misconduct when they gave Congress this remedy.

Also And I have to think that this is very much central to what they were concerned about, that is an unethical man or woman takes that office, uses it for their personal political gain,” Adam Schiff told.


Now “If that wasn’t what the founders had in mind, it’s hard to imagine what they did,” he added.

Take a look

See, Nancy Pelosi came out today and said she will not wait for the courts to compel key White Houses witnesses.


As we speak She said it will take too long – she guessed the courts wouldn’t make a decision until June – and that will creep into the next election.

Finally They can’t have it both ways – either Donald Trump should be impeached and they should take how ever long it takes to do a proper investigation or this is all a TV show for the base they want to get over with as quick as possible.

It can’t be both.what Do you think?, share your thoughts

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