A framework agreement with an audit firm for the Sahel Regional Fund (SRF) At Danish Refugee Council

Dear Sir/Madam:

The Danish Refugee Council (DRC) has received a grant from the Foreign, Commonwealth& Development office for the implementation of the Sahel Regional Fund program including the consultancy services for auditing the different related projects.

The objective of this audit is for the Auditor to verify that the expenditures claimed by the Danish Refugee Council and its partners in the financial statements for the services covered by the SRF Agreement for the period 09/06/2022-30/06/2026 have occurred (‘reality’), are accurate (‘exact’) and eligible and to submit to the FMU a report of factual findings. Eligibility means that expenditures have been incurred in accordance with the terms and conditions of the SRF Agreement.

Appropriate audit procedures are to be applied by the auditor to form a conclusion on the matters outlined above. These procedures applied on a sample selection basis may include controls, checking, evaluation, inspection, interview, analysis and other audit techniques. When selecting the audit procedures, the auditor shall consider the results of their risk assessment (during planning stage and during the course of the audit work). Accordingly, the auditor must define and carry out suitable audit procedures to obtain an overview of the aforementioned aspects before the auditor assesses the individual findings and reaches a final independent opinion on the audit.

Therefore, the DRC requests you to submit your proposal. Please be guided by this RFP and the attached Terms of Reference (TOR) Annex F.

How to apply

To apply, you must download the documents on the link below and send your application to the email address : tender.ro03@drc.ngo


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